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Health Science Writer offers much more than just writing accurate, quality content.
You will also find solutions to your Quality Management Systems, training, regulatory and proofreading needs – all in one place.
As a valued client, you’ll receive unmatched service and content with renowned organisation, planning and an exceptional eye for detail.
Enhance your work and presence with high-quality content, deliver more awareness, engagement and sales to your business or organisation with Health Science Writer’s support.

Fay BahemiaFay Bahemia, Health Science Writer
Having worked for several biotechnology start-ups Fay is an advocate for small business, research groups and start-up companies.
Fay is a 40-under-40 business award winner who understands the challenges of communicating to stakeholders and satisfying the demands of quality and regulatory authorities whilst continuing essential research and business development.
Whether you are setting up or running an established health or medical science-related business, an enthusiastic and dedicated writer is an absolute asset.
Fay is keen to communicate the excitement of your latest discovery, the success of your business and the information your target audience requires. She will also help create the perfect Quality Management System for you.
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Pharmacology (UWA)
Graduate Diploma Food Science & Technology (Curtin)
Laboratory, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Training, Auditing

Member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association

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Speciality Fields
microbiology, pharmacology
pharmaceuticals (human & veterinary)
environmental monitoring (microbiological)
cell culture, biotechnology, medical devices
heart health, public health
food ingredients & processing
medical conditions
new trends, innovations & ‘omics.
Whatever media or format you are considering, Health Science Writer can assist: feature or short articles, blogs, on-line presence, social media – whatever you need, I’m ready to help.
Send your enquiry on the contact page to find out how Health Science Writer can help you communicate to your target audiences.

Ideal Clients
start-up biotechnology companies
researchers and innovators from industry and universities
health/medical practitioners and hospitals
allied health professionals
self-help and support groups
analytical laboratories
manufacturers of food/ingredients, pharmaceuticals & medical devices
organisers of symposia and conferences
editors (online and printed magazines etc)
charitable organisations
, bloggers
non-government agencies

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